Bathroom Remodeling Financing

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Bathroom Remodel Financing

When we talk to Northern and Central Alabama homeowners about remodeling their bathrooms, budget is usually at the top of the conversation. Our team believes that everyone deserves a bathroom they truly love for an affordable price, which is why we like to talk to our customers about bathroom remodel financing options as they plan their projects. 

If you’d like to learn more about the financing options available to you or you want to talk directly to one of our expert installers, please don’t hesitate to call us at 256-330-6478 or contact us online

The Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Before you start looking into the different bathroom remodel financing options, it’s helpful to have at least a ballpark range of how much your project may cost. The average cost of a bathroom remodel is around $10,978, but it can be several thousand dollars less or more than that depending on what you have planned for the space. 

Our team here at Express Bath would be more than happy to talk to you about your project ideas and give you a free, no-obligation estimate so it’s easier for you to determine how much you might need to finance. 

Different Bathroom Financing Options

When you’re planning your project, there are several different financing options available to you, depending on your specific circumstances. Here’s a closer look at the options you might consider when budgeting for your bathroom remodel. 

Personal loan: With a bathroom remodel personal loan, you’ll take out a loan for a lump sum, then repay it in monthly installments with interest. The interest rates and amount you’ll be approved for will vary based on your credit, debts, and income level. 

Home equity line of credit (HELOC): This is an open line of credit that you can draw on as needed. In most cases, the initial draw period is 10 years, so you can draw on it during that time and repay it over a set term, which usually lasts up to 20 years. This is a good financing option if you don’t have a problem using your home as collateral. Learn more about current HELOC rates to see if this is a good option for you.

Home equity loan: Another option is a home equity loan, which is a second mortgage borrowed in a lump sum. In most cases, home equity loans have fixed rates that are lower than personal loan rates and they can be repaid over a period of up to 15 years. 

0% APR credit cards: For homeowners with good or excellent credit, consider a 0% APR credit card, which offers a promotional period of use without any interest. If you can pay off the card within that promo period, it can be a great way to finance your project. 

Cash-out refinance: You might also consider a cash-out refinance, which is a new mortgage that’s bigger than your existing one. Then, you use the new loan to pay off the old one, cashing out the rest of the money, which you can then use as your loan for your bathroom remodel. However, this is only a good option if you can get a lower rate than your existing mortgage rate. 

Special Offers for Your Bathroom Remodel

Aside from the financing options we outlined above, our team here at Express Bath always tries to go above and beyond to make it easier for local homeowners to affordably remodel their bathrooms. We encourage you to check out our current special offers for additional, limited-time savings. 

These offers change frequently, so if you see a deal that interests you, don’t hesitate to contact our team to get your project on the books. 

Why Choose Express Bath?

Our team is made up of people that live right here in the communities we serve. When you trust us for your bathroom remodeling project, we’ll treat you with the same respect as we would our friends and neighbors… because that’s what you are! We’ll always take the time to listen to you and communicate with you so you have the best possible remodeling experience. 

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Bathroom Remodel Financing FAQs

What’s the difference between secured and unsecured loans?

You can apply for either to finance your bathroom remodel. A secured loan requires collateral, while an unsecured loan doesn’t. Keep in mind that unsecured loans tend to have higher interest rates. 

Will applying for a bathroom remodel loan affect my credit score?

Before you apply, check with the lender to see if they will do a hard or soft credit check. A hard check will impact your credit score, but a soft check won’t.

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$1,200 Off + Free Grab Bar + No Interest for 12 months