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How to Improve Shower Safety for Seniors

Each year, on average, more than 230,000 people slip and fall in the bathroom. More specifically, 33% of seniors that suffer an accidental fall in the bathroom end up being hospitalized after the incident. While there are safety risks in all parts of the bathroom, the shower, in particular, can pose hazards. So, what can you do to improve the shower safety for yourself or your loved ones? You’ve come to the right place for guidance. 

Read through this guide to learn tips on how to improve shower safety so you can have peace of mind when bathing. 

Add a Comfortable Seat

First things first, consider adding a comfortable seat or bench to your shower. This allows those with mobility issues to sit down when needed, helping to prevent dangerous slips and falls. These days, there are a variety of different types of shower seats available, so you can find something that best suits your needs. 

For example, you might choose a reclining shower seat for maximum comfort or one with a wider seat so you can have plenty of space when you’re bathing.

Install a Hand-Held Shower Head

One of the best ways seniors can maintain independence in the shower is by replacing a wall-mounted shower head with a hand-held option instead. A hand-held option makes it easier to bathe on your own, especially if you need to sit down in the process. 

Most hand-held showerheads also come with a variety of different spray settings, so you can customize your water pressure for the most relaxing shower possible. 

Consider a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

If you’re able to renovate your bathroom in your quest to make it safer, consider a tub-to-shower conversion to replace your old, outdated tub. Since traditional bathtubs often have a high side that you have to step over to climb in and out, you risk tripping and falling every time you bathe. 

By replacing your tub with a standalone shower instead, you’ll reduce the risk of falling and have a more functional space that fits your needs. Best of all, when you choose Express Bath for your tub-to-shower conversion project, you can choose from different customizable options like built-in seating, shelving, lower thresholds, and more. 

Use Non-Slip Mats

One of the easiest ways to stay safe while bathing is to put down a non-slip mat outside of your shower. This will help prevent you from stepping on a wet floor and potentially slipping when you climb out of your shower. 

This extra traction is a budget-friendly and easy solution to help keep you safe, especially if you have mobility issues. 

Use a Weighted Shower Curtain

One reason that water splashes onto the floor in the first place is that the shower curtain may move while you’re bathing. You can help prevent that by replacing your traditional shower curtain with a weighted one. 

This will help keep your shower curtain in place while you bathe, so you won’t have to worry about a slippery floor once you’re finished. 

Install Grab Bars

Finally, consider adding grab bars to your shower area. Typically made from non-slip metal, grab bars can give you extra stability when you’re entering and exiting your shower and while you’re bathing. They’re wall-mounted and specifically designed to hold your weight should you lose your balance.

These can give you added peace of mind that should you start to fall while you’re bathing, you have something available to help steady yourself. 

Improve Shower Safety With Express Bath

After reading through this guide, why wait any longer to make your shower a safer place? Express Bath can help you improve shower safety with a new shower installation or a tub-to-shower conversion, based on your needs. 

Our team can also walk you through all of our different safety options, so you can design a bathroom that allows you to maintain safety and independence as you get older. Get in touch with us today to tell us about your bathroom safety concerns and to learn more about how we can help you address them. 

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